10 Month Programs & Classes

Pre-School Program (Ages 3 - 4)

Little Ballet Stars, Tap & Jazz Superstars
The Preschool program is designed for students to start building their coordination and poise while learning basic dance steps in a structured class. Students will begin developing their creativity and enthusiasm by expressing themselves through dance.

Dance Essentials Program (Age 5)

Primary/Essentials Ballet, Primary/Essentials Combo Tap & Jazz
The Dance Essentials program is designed for students to learn more of a variety of fundamental dance steps/exercises and continue developing their musicality, coordination, creativity, and poise. Students are introduced to the beginning of creating a solid foundation to enhance their love of dance and prepare them for the 1 hour classes in either the performance or competitive programs.

Performance Program (Ages 6 - 17)

Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Acro, Ballet Technique, Jazz Technique
The performance program is designed for students to develop their dance skills and coordination while learning the importance of good posture, musicality, and poise when executing their dance steps. The performance program is a great opportunity to grow your love of dance without the pressure of the competitive program.

Advanced Classes

Competitive Program (Ages 6 - 17)

Students will compete in 1-4 competitions and perform in our year end production/recital to showcase their passion for dance and maximize their dance skill development. Students will also learn/develop important life skills such as dedication, creativity, and teamwork. Dancers who are interested in competing should enter this program. Contact us to book an assessment class. Come join our competitive team.