Tap - In Tap students will experiment with rhythm and music with their feet. As tap dancers progress the exercises & choreography becomes more intricate. In Tap you are the instrument and timing is everything. We use the Al-Gilbert syllabus for all of our tap classes.

Jazz - Jazz is a high energy style of dance where students will develop strong control over their body & increase their flexibility. Students will also learn how to add style to their movements. As students progress they will be introduced to more of a variety of jumps, turns, & intricate choreography

Ballet - Ballet is an elegant and graceful style of dance. It is the foundation for many forms of dance and the students develop a strong upper body, core, posture, balance, and precise control of their arm movements. We use the Cecchetti syllabus for all of our ballet classes

Pointe - Pointe is a specialized study of ballet for intermediate and advanced dancers who have the correct posture and strength. Students must be enrolled in ballet technique.

Lyrical - Lyrical is a smooth and flowing form of dance that mixes together elements that are learned in Jazz and Ballet. A strong sense of balance and control is required. Lyrical may branch off into contemporary or modern styles. Lyrical is for ages 10 and up. Students are required to take Jazz and Ballet.

Hip-Hop - In Hip-Hop students will learn choreographed routines with street dance elements to hip-hop music with an emphasis on musicality. Hip-Hop is for students ages 5 and up.

Acrobatic Arts - Acro is a blend of dance and acrobatic elements. Through skill progressions students work on balancing, flexibility, aerials, back handsprings, and contortion. We strongly recommend that students enroll in Jazz or Ballet in addition to Acro. For ages 6 and up.

Musical Theatre - Musical Theatre involves character work with dance and some vocal training. This style is often seen at dinner theatre's & broadway. Students are required to take a minimum of one additional Jazz and or Tap class. For students ages 8 and up.