Our Policy

A breakdown of what is expected of our students, parents, and teachers at Dancin.

Our Dance Season is for 10 months. (September – June)

Dance classes are evaluated & structured each season by the artistic director to ensure your child’s continued development.

Attendance Requirement Dancin expects all students to attend their classes on a regular weekly basis. Regular attendance is very important for students to progress. Absences negatively impact the recital/competitive routines that are produced and it also affects the team and confidence building principles we are working to develop in each age group.

Choreography classes are designed for dancers to learn exciting routines while working on good technique to prepare for performing in competitions and or the year end show.

Technique classes are designed for dancers to practice and focus on mastering individual steps, posture, arm movements, & body alignment, etc.

A costume down payment is required for all choreography classes.

A non refundable registration fee must be paid before classes can be attended.

Dance tuition payments must be set up before classes can be attended.

Submission forms must be completed with parent/guardian's signature with the students name, date of birth, and contact details.

Registration will only be considered complete when a hard copy of our registration form has been submitted. Over the phone registration is not an approved sign up method at this location.